Scandinavian Biofuel

Scandinavian Biofuel Company

Microwave assisted pyrolysis for waste treatment and renewable energy


SBC2 is dedicated to apply microwaves to decompose hydrocarbon rich materials for use as renewable energies; condensed into oils, volatile gasses to be used in steam production or in turbines for power generation, and carbon.

The SBC2 microwave assisted pyrolysis (MAP) proprietary technology focus on utilizing waste materials, byproducts and low end feedstock resources such as waste wood, straw, stover, husks; waste plastics; car tires, sewer sludge etc. and create value.

The SBC2 MAP process provides carbon neutral even carbon negative benefits through the carbon yield from pyrolysis of biomass in particular, by taking the CO2 out of the loop by carbon fixing. This carbon material can be efficiently used in soil improvement. According to the "Terra Preta" concept the carbon contributes to the organic balance in the soil beneficial to the growth of the plants.

SBC2 was the main technology provider to the "MicroFuel" project that successfully proved the concept of 70% bio-oil from wood.